Our vision

The Partnership was formed as a company limited by guarantee in 1999 and in 2000 was the first Community Partnership to achieve charitable status. The Partner representatives meet bi-monthly to discuss/approve activity.


To create and sustain a knowledge-based economy for the Wayland area focused on the heritage, culture and the natural and built environment of the market town of Watton and the surrounding village communities, to the benefit of all who live, work and visit here.


To promote the economic, social, cultural and environmental, well-being of the Wayland area.


The Wayland Partnership will achieve its vision by:-

  • Celebrating local distinctiveness in both the market town of Watton and the thirteen rural parishes which make up its hinterland.
  • Enabling and delivering activities and projects identified by the community and agreed by the Partner parishes and organisations in the action plan.
  • Responding to the needs of the whole Wayland Community, but especially those who are most deprived.
  • Promoting and encouraging lifelong learning projects enabling access to opportunities to improve learning and skills.
  • Promoting and encouraging healthy living projects and supporting community health and safety.
  • Supporting the business community and encouraging new growth.
  • Supporting and enabling town centre enhancement.
  • Providing facilities and activities to support and encourage an increase in visitors to the Wayland area.
  • Seeking ways to ensure access to essential services as well as to leisure and learning for those who need it.
  • Supporting and enabling improvements to the environment, protecting the flora and fauna and SSSIs and ensuring that it is safe and attractive for all.
  • Supporting and enabling improvements in facilities and opportunities for both young and retired residents.
  • Supporting Partner Parishes in developing action plans from their community appraisals.
  • Seeking funding streams to allow delivery of the action plan.
  • Representing the Wayland-wide Community‚Äôs needs and wishes with Public, Private and Voluntary Sector bodies when appropriate.
  • Lobbying on behalf of Partners when requested.