Growing Together Project

Pam Morgan, Growing Together Co-ordinator

The Growing Together project, funded by the Postcode Local Trust, is open to Watton and the Wayland Villages aims to seek out green spaces with public access within our communities that need a little (or a lot) of TLC.

This could be overgrown, neglected areas or projects that are already established that need help in expanding, redeveloping or replanting. Ideas already coming forward include replanting saplings in a Coronation Tree Walk, tree planting in existing Millennium Green and Woodland Projects, and regenerating a village nature reserve.

The hope is to include all ages and members of our communities and with this in mind other great ideas include building and putting up ‘homes for wildlife’ like bird boxes, and simple homes for insects, frogs and toads. So activities that all the family can get involved with.

There is lots of local knowledge and experience of wildlife, conservation and the natural world out in our communities. This, supported by our national and local branches of environmental charities such as The Woodland Trust, Natural England and Norfolk Wildlife Trust will ensure the projects get the support they will need to progress.

With everyone, at every level, working towards creating  beautiful  environmental spaces for   our communities, the Growing Together Project really will encompass its meaning  in every sense of the words.

So, if you, your school, your Parish Council, Gardening Club, Village Hall Committee, Youth Club etc etc etc have any ideas for worthy projects please, please let us know.

If you have knowledge, a love of wildlife, plants, and habitats or simply a passion for our amazing natural world think about volunteering. Together we can make these projects happen, nurture nature and have some fun along the way!

Please contact me Pamela Morgan at the Wayland Partnership.


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