Our Generation Connections Project Celebrates Success!

The Wayland Partnerships Generation Connections Project, funded by the Norfolk County Council Youth Social Action Fund has proved to be a huge success for all involved.

The Generation Connections project aimed to bring together young and old in a way that could benefit both age groups. Older people have learnt how to use smartphones, tablets and laptops whilst young people aged 13 – 22 have gained new skills such as working with people and organising projects. Six young people and over 20 older people have got involved with the project and both age groups have really enjoyed the process.

To celebrate this success a celebration tea was held at Broom Hall Hotel on Wednesday 30th April to say ‘thank you’ to our young volunteers and ‘well done’ to our older learners. Everyone who has taken part in the project was presented with a certificate.

IT Project

Although the funding has now ended the demand is so great that the project will continue for as long as we have young volunteers to teach and older people wanting to learn! If you would like to get involved please contact Suzanne on 01953 880204 or email suzanne@wayland.org.uk .