Wayland Partnership submits bid to Carnegie UK Trust ‘Enabling State’ Challenge

The Enabling State is a piece of work being undertaken by the Carnegie UK Trust exploring a new relationship between government and citizens, where citizens and communities have more control over their own wellbeing, and how the state (and others including the third sector) can play a more engaged and responsive role to help achieve it.

The Carnegie UK Trust believe that in this emerging ‘enabling state’ we all have a role to play. Charities and voluntary organisations in particular have a key role to play. Not just in delivering public services, but in drawing on their strengths in mutuality and reciprocity for the common good to support the public sector to rethink its relationship with communities and citizens.

The Enabling State Challenge  is about showcasing and celebrating examples of good enabling approaches in action.

This is where the Wayland Partnership comes in. Set up in 1999 to promote the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of all who live and work in Wayland.  All of our activities and projects contribute to achieving that aim. Helping people to help each other is at the heart of what we do. We help community groups to identify their goals and support them through the initial, confidence building stages; we hold events and enable forums – heritage, health, youth, business – to encourage sharing of ideas.

Five prizes of £5,000 each will be awarded to exemplary initiatives that demonstrate how to give communities and individuals greater control in a way that improves wellbeing. From these five winners one will be selected as an overall winner and will receive an additional £5,000 prize. Winners of the first stage will be announced on Monday 1st September.

We will keep our fingers tightly crossed!